elevator machineMaintenance services will include systematic examinations and repairs to installed equipment. The frequency for examinations depends on the age of the equipment and its purpose. For instance hospital backup generators require greater upkeep than warehouse lighting systems. Preventive maintenance services can include infrared electrical systems surveying as well as testing on UPS, breakers, transformers, and generators. We also conduct preventive maintenance on BGE owner substations.

Comprehensive troubleshooting and repair services are provided for all types of electrical distribution systems. If the repair requires additional manpower to complete, a service team will be dispatched to the effected location for repair. Non-contract customers will require a site inspection to determine the cost and a written proposal to restore the system will be provided.

Arundel Electrical will upgrade, refurbish and modernize existing equipment for its customers. The need for a modernization or upgrade will be initiated by either the customer or our onsite maintenance personnel. This will require a thorough survey and evaluation to provide a detailed proposal to ensure all code requirements are addressed. This proposal will be provided at no cost to the customer unless engineering input is required.

Installation and retrofitting services in new construction and renovation projects can also be performed. Arundel Electrical can begin working with the architects and engineering firms from the beginning to ensure adequate capacity based on the building's demand. There is a lot of coordination on new construction and renovations, so progress will be tracked frequently to ensure targeted completion.

The quality of Arundel Electrical's standards of service adds value to its customers by extending the service life of the equipment it maintains. Poorly maintained equipment will have higher failure rates which lead to service outages and expensive repairs. Our technicians are held to high standards of performance and this will be reinforced through periodic company training and frequent site visits by work supervisors to visually inspect the maintained equipment. Proper preventative maintenance increases reliability and has been shown to reduce liability.